Microblading Specialist

Microblading Procedure

Semi-permanent Eyebrow Correction/Enhancement

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to over plucked, sparse, overwaxed and thinning eyebrows.  It is ideal to cover gaps, define shape, fill in brows, and create  an arch.  Microblading allows the artist to construct natural looking eyebrows for people with little or no brow, and perfect for both men and women.

Eyebrow microblading is depositing ink manually in the outer layer of the skin without reaching the dermis.  The needle used in the manual microblading is considerably thinner than those used in traditional tattoo machines, allowing for very fine, crisp 'hair ' strokes that will not smudge or blur after healing.


*  Semi-permanent solution (12-18 months)

*  Create a new brow

*  Fully restore eyebrow shape

*  Custom color blending/matching

*  Crisp, realistic, natural looking 'hair' strokes

*  Short recovery period with no true 'down time'

*  Safe & sterile application of pigment

*  Non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials

*  Licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Microblading Specialist



The brow color is consistent from end to end, with beautiful shape, precise borders, and clean, fine 'hair' strokes creating a natural and overall pleasing brow.
This client  has an uneven distribution of hair and lacked symmetry regarding shape and color. 
Who Can't Get Microblading
**Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on their menses
**People who had Botox or other injections less than 3 weeks before the procedure

Who is NOT ideal for this procedure?
**Someone with large pores on their forehead.
**Someone with severely oily skin. (Pigment may not retain well, could appear more solid than thin hair strokes)
**Diabetes Type 1 or 2 (Pigment may not retain well, prone to delayed healing and infection)
**Have Thyroid/Graves disease (Pigment may not retain well due to medications)
Dont's before the procedure
**Do not use blood thinners or aspirin
**Do not use tanning beds 3-4 days before procedure
**Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before procdure
**Discontinue Retin A skin care products close to the procedure area 2 weeks before and after microblading
**Discontinue AHA skin care products close to the procedure area 1 week before microblading
**No waxing, laser, or electrolysis close to the procedure area  1 week before microblading